Ruth Lantz

Crit Connection

In January of 2021 I started building a project to connect artists for conversation and critique. After several long months of pandemic solitude, I was in need of some way to connect – as well as some fresh eyes on my work. I knew that I couldn’t be the only one with this feeling so Crit Connection¬†was born. Rising from a place of need as well as a place of hope I started contacting artists to join me in this new venture. I hope to help artists find new avenues for connection, learning, and understanding as we all continue to navigate the seismic shifts occurring in our world. Artists have always needed the support of other makers and I feel that support is even more crucial today when we may feel even more disconnected.

The Project:

Crit Connection is a networking and resource-sharing opportunity for artists. Right now, there are artists participating from the States, Canada, and the Netherlands. Each participating artist is paired and e-introduced to another artist each month. Once the introduction has been made, the artist pair can decide how they would like to interact. For example, they can have a virtual studio visit, an IRL studio visit if they happen to live in the same city, proofread an artist statement or grant proposal, share a book list etc. Each pair decides the amount of time and engagement they want to devote to each particular match. It seems that most artists opt for virtual studio visits. 

Crit Connection cost $15 a year to participate.


If you think this might be a project you would be interested in joining, please contact me at [email protected]

You Can Check Crit Connection out on Instagram! @critconnection